Visa Assistance:

There is a misconception amongst some Bangladeshi students that a student visa can be obtained on a contract basis through agents. We would like to make it clear that it is impossible to obtain a visa this way.

In fact, students obtain a visa based on the individual strength of their individual visa application. Please be aware that there are some dishonest agents claiming that they can provide visas.

There are few agents, including My brokers who are approved partners of the British High Commission. It does not mean that they can give a guarantee for a student visa. What they can do is to make the process quicker and more legal. It is the British High Commission that always reserves the right to give decisions for the visa. Our success lies in our quality service and thus the success rate of visa applications of our students is amongst the best in Bangladesh.


My brokers can assist you with any type of visa starting from tourist visa to business visa to student visa. Each case is handled professionally and effectively. We consider application individually and we provide support accordingly. We can answer any type of queries and provide you with qualified support.  Being a service-oriented agency it is our primary focus to improve our services and ensure client satisfaction with 100% successful application procedure. Start your journey with us at My brokers and make your dreams come true!

We always ensure that the students’ visa applications are prepared in the best possible way.

Our visa support officers are there to help the students along the visa journey towards realizing their dreams. The documentation officer scrutinizes the documents and then a ‘mock’ interview is taken by the Associate Director in English.

Only when a student is confident enough to face an interview is then we book an appointment time with the Visa Facilitation Service. In June 2014, the Immigration department at the British High Commission shifted to New Delhi, meaning there is a longer lead-in time as it takes up to 55 days for an issuance of student visas for the UK universities.